Many people ask how to earn money from Facebook? Some want to know, what is the way to earn money on mobile? So far there was no direct and easy answer to this question. But Facebook has recently launched an app that can be used to make money on mobile.

This new app on Facebook is called Study. This is not a learning app. The study is a Facebook research project that will give users money to exchange information. The company will pay the users for downloading and installing this app on mobile.

Users of this app will install on the phone and give Facebook different types of information. And Facebook will pay for it.

Wondering? So I am talking about this in more detail. This study app on Facebook will basically install information on your smartphone and various app usage types by installing it on your phone. And using that information, Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence will get an idea of ​​their competing app and technology market. This will allow them to bring new products to the market considering the needs of their customers, wherever they take their business. As a result, their income will also increase.

So by installing this app, they can also pay you to get information from you. According to the policy announced by them, it is very much like a “win-win situation”.

This new study app on Facebook has just been announced, but it has brought another concept to the program. There they used to give money to teenager in exchange for usage data. However, they stopped the program earlier this year for some criticism and technical complications.

The new study app can be called a revival of that. However, the concept of money exchange is not new. Amazon’s company SurveyMonkey is offering the convenience of earning a gift card or credit by participating in their survey.

You do not have to do anything in the Study App to earn revenue from Facebook. Just install the app and give some permissions, you’re done.

When the app is installed on your phone it will collect the following data-

* There are some apps installed on your phone

* How you spend time in an app

* Your country, device and network type

* App Activity Name, which lets you know which features you are using in the app
However, Facebook has clearly stated that they will not collect your user ID, password, photos, video or any kind of document from your phone. The app will also have the option of setting or removing various permissions. According to them, the app is under the control of the customers.

Currently the app is only available for Android devices. Another thing is that currently only residents of the United States and India will get this benefit. After registering their study program with the ad, they will send you a link through which you can install the app.

app link :

You must have a PayPal account to withdraw money earned by the app. However, Facebook did not specify how much money to pay.

Facebook has not yet announced when this app will be launched in Bangladesh. However, since India has launched, one can expect it to come to Bangladesh someday.